Bidding Agents for online retailers



20% reduction of PPC advertising costs.


That is our commitment…

…and typically we also increase sales substantially.

Working from a pre-defined ‚Cost of Sales‘-level, AD_INFINITUM’s algorithms participate in advertising auctions on behalf of online retailers with the aim of reaching the highest possible level of sales. 

We configure our AI-Algorithms towards the characteristics of every individual shop and towards the goals of every individual marketer.

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We support online marketers

AD_INFINITUM works for in-house, as well as agency-based and freelance Online Marketers.

Unlike a traditional marketing agency we are the Data Scientists behind the Marketers. We are fully focussed on ‘bidding’ on PPC platforms, a small, yet decisive and highly quantitative part of online marketing.

And we do that pretty well, we’d like to think. Our customers appreciate the fact that we improve the financial performance of their campaigns and that a substantial part of their valuable time is freed-up to invest in activities they can add more value to.

Who we are

AD_INFINITUM is a Data Science firm, highly specialised in the quantitative management of online advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Shopping or Amazon. We are an international team of Data Scientists and Online Marketers headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Probability is orderly opinion. Inference from data is nothing other than the revision of such opinion in the light of relevant new information.

– Thomas Bayes –

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